by Caviar Plaza


Upload Your Editorials/Streetstyle/Music/Videos Direct to the Caviar Plaza Family.

We want to include our community here at The Plaza, we accept editorial/streetstyle/music/video submissions from other stylists/photographers/models/artist or brands who want to get their work published on CAVIAR PLAZA. Before submitting please follow our guidelines below:


Submissions must align with our community

Submissions must be fashion related

Submissions must be sent in a PDF with images and PROPER clothing credits

Submissions should include 6-8 images minimum (the more the better)


Submissions must be Soundcloud or Youtube links.

Submissions must include cover art, artist picture, video thumbnail

Do not submit the same song/video within the same week. Any duplicates will be automatically deleted.

No freestyles over licensed or copyrighted beats. We only accept original material, and that includes production. Credit your producers accordingly.

For SUBMISSIONS please email: info@thecaviarplaza.com

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